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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sandwich Lunch With a View

When spring comes to Cape Cod, we can have lovely and sunny days but it can remain a bit chilly until late April. The winter this year has been harsh so, when we have a sunny day, it is wonderful to get out of the inn and find a bright spot to have lunch or coffee and a sweet treat. A delightful place to do this is MoMo's Food Emporium in East Sandwich.

Today was one of those days. We bundled up and got in the car heading east on scenic Route 6A. The drive alone was wonderful, with the sun glistening off the water at almost high tide on Scorton Creek and all the little ponds along that stretch of road. The swans on one of the ponds were also enjoying the sunshine.

Hummingbird Cake at Momo's
We are so fortunate to live on this side of the Cape that meanders along Cape Cod Bay with such lovely views of the bay and salt marshes. All along the road are signs of spring in the purple and yellow of the crocuses and daffodils and the faint green color in the shrubs and trees as they begin to bud. It is such a wonderful feeling of renewal that causes a lifting of the spirits in a most joyous way.
Momo's Food Emporium is nestled along Route 6A between the road and the marshes in East Sandwich. As you step in the door, you almost forget that you came to have lunch when you see the cakes and pastries that fill the case in the front of the shop. My eye landed on a hummingbird cake and I began to salivate. Maybe later......First, deciding what to enjoy for lunch.

Charlie enjoying a sunny at Momo's
After ordering a cup of the Spicy Asian Chicken Soup and a sandwich, we looked for a table in the sunniest spot with a view and settled in. The soup was amazing and what a perfect lunch on a chilly day. The fresh and delicious ham and cheese sandwich we shared was on a very tasty multigrain bread with a wonderful texture. Momo's serves George Howell's Terrior Gourmet Coffee and it is really good. We sat in the sun enjoying the food and the view of the marshes along Scorton Creek. As I was about to nod off from a full tummy and warmth of the sun, I remembered that Hummingbird Cake and headed for the pastry case. On the way, I was distracted by the largest brownie I have ever seen. Having been seduced by a hunk of chocolate many times, I just had to have it and Charlie agreed to share it with me. I think he was worried I would try to eat the entire brownie, which I am sure I was capable of. It was a moist, chewy, chocolaty piece of heaven. Charlie is not a person who craves sweets as I do, but even he was emitting small humming noises as he savored the moment.

Momo's Food Emporium

Momo's is a lovely place for lunch but it is so much more. There are wonderful dishes to pick up for dinner, a nice selection of imported and specialty foods, and they cater parties and gatherings. Last Thanksgiving, I picked up all of the side dishes that I served for dinner here. What a treat that was. The works of local artisans are featured in the shop and Neila, the owner and chef,  conducts cooking classes. Be sure to peruse their website.

We always tell our guests they should stop in for a treat but we have decided to put this charming emporium on our list of regular places to frequent for either lunch or our afternoon snack..... they do, after all, have 4 C's Ice Cream.  Maybe we will see you there.

Jan Preus, the Innkeeper, chef, and artist in residence at the 1750 Inn at Sandwich Center, Sandwich, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

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