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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

2013 Season Beginning Soon

 We are sprucing up the inn and getting ready for guests as we open for our 11th season here in historic Sandwich Village on Cape Cod. There's an awful lot to do in the gardens as the winter was not kind to us. Charlie is always excited that it is burn season and he can pick up the downed branches and twigs from the winter storms and set flame to them....always somewhat scary for me to watch.

We love living on Cape Cod and enjoy all of the seasons, but spring is particularly exciting to observe as it unfolds from the long winter. As the weather warms, each day is a new visual adventure as trees take on that green haze of burgeoning leaves and flowers begin to show their new faces. Equally exciting is the opening of Heritage Museums & Gardens and new exhibits at the already open Sandwich Glass Museum. It will be a few weeks yet until the circa 1640 Dexter Grist Mill opens along with the Hoxie House (the oldest on Cape Cod).

1986 Chevrolet Corvette Indy
GM Heritage Collection
Photo courtesy of General Motors
The official opening of Heritage Museums & Gardens is April 13th. with an exhibit that we cannot wait to visit. It is called Driving Our Dreams: Imagination in Motion. Featured in this amazing exhibit will be concept cars that were imagined by some of the country's most creative designers. These are the folks who dream up what we will be driving tomorrow. We will post a follow-up blog with photos of our visit that we hope will entice you to plan your own.

Beginning on May 18th., is another in the series of outdoor are exhibits that began last year with Whimsical Garden Gates (one of this bloggers favorites of the year). This years' exhibit is Moving Landscapes featuring wind and human-powered sculptures created by a group of four artists. The opportunity to observe the results of this kind of creative collaboration is so exciting.

The primary and ever-changing exhibit at Heritage is, of course, the 100 acres of trees, shrubs, and flowers that surround the sweeping lawns spreading from the flume to the windmill and along the pathways that lead to amazing museums that are open all season and just beckoning a frolic. We are members at Heritage M&G and take advantage of every opportunity to visit. The pleasure of just strolling along the paths and enjoying the aroma of flowering plants leaves one with such a sense of well-being.

There is always something wonderful to experience at our famed Sandwich Glass Museum. This year is no exception. On exhibit now through July 21, 2013 is Portraits of Sandwich - Denizens of Cape Cod's Oldest Town, a collection of portraits of a bygone era focusing on 19th century Sandwich. Featured are glass factory workers, war heroes, artists, and local celebrities. Although not featured in this exhibit, a portrait of our own Charlotte Hall (Lottie) Chipman is on permanent display in the foyer of the oldest part of the museum. She donated the property to the Sandwich Historical Society in 1909 and was the last of the Hall family descendants to own our house.

Bryan Randa Acorn
Now through October, the work of hot glass artist Bryan Randa will be featured in an exhibit entitled  Life Forms. Mr. Randa's work has been influenced by nature from birds to aquatic life with the major focus of this exhibition being creatures from the ocean. What could be more appropriate for Cape Cod? Of course, Sandwich is currently home to Mr. Randa as, for the last nine years, he has resided here and apprenticed under David McDermott and Yukimi Matsumoto, two of Cape Cod's most gifted glass artists.
Debbie Tarsitano glass

Beginning August 1, 2013 will be an exhibition of works by glass artist Debbie Tarsitano detailing the evolution of her career from early oil painter to hot glass artist. Ms Tarsitano is featured in collections of major museums throughout the continent.

How fortunate, not only for those of us who reside here but for visitors alike, that our quaint and historic village is home to so many wonderful museums and gifted people. Come for a visit. Stay at our bed and breakfast and experience living history in the most special way.

Jan Preus, the Innkeeper, chef, and artist in residence at the 1750 Inn at Sandwich Center, Sandwich, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

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