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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Exhibit for 2014 at the Sandwich Glass Museum

So what do you do in Sandwich on a cold, snowy night in February? We are lucky and can just walk across the road to a lecture and exhibit opening reception at the Sandwich Glass Museum. We were looking forward to seeing a few friends and neighbors and maybe have a glass of wine.  But the night turned in too much more than that.
old Sandwich Boardwalk with people from the 1800's
Sandwich Boardwalk

The new exhibit that opened is Wish You Were Here, Postcards from Sandwich. It runs from February 1st to June 8th in the Special Exhibition Gallery and consists of dozens of well-preserved post cards that show the sites and attractions of Sandwich at that point in time.

To start the evening, museum Curator Dorothy Hogan-Schofield gave a talk on turn of the century post cards.  In the late 1800s and early 1900s, the hand written penny post card was a very popular method of communication. Remember, this was a time before home telephones, let alone the ubiquitous cell phone. Today, we instantaneously communicate by calling or texting. In those days, you hand wrote a quick message on a post card to let someone know where you were and that you were thinking of them. If you had more time, you would write a more detailed letter. Today that would most likely be an email. Oh, the lost art of writing a letter.

1750 Inn at Sandwich Center with porch
118 Tupper Road circa 1800
It was exciting for us to see a late 1800s post card that featured our 1750 Inn at Sandwich Center when it had an enclosed porch across the entire front of the house. We think our Inn is a beautiful house and so did the post card manufacturer who took the picture and sold it to those early Sandwich tourist. We knew that the house had a front porch at one time that was remove after a hurricane toppled a large tree on it, but had never seen such a good picture of it. It would be wonderful  to restore it; maybe next year’s off-season project ...chuckle.

Come and stay at our Inn and make sure you visit this wonderful exhibit. After June 8th the Sandwich Glass Museum will have another new exhibit that will be just as interesting. Mention that you read this blog when you make your reservations and we will give you passes to visit the Museum. 

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